CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android

CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android

CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android Download

Today there is a lot of text in the form of images or paper. Someone has to manually re-enter the text to get or edit the content, which is time-consuming, especially multi-page text. To understand this, INTSIG Information launches a product called CamScanner Pro APK to simplify your work. When you place the camera in front of a document, it is automatically converted to text on the phone. What this application can do is fast, simple, and useful.

CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android

CamScanner Pro Apk Mod is a revised version of the official CamScanner app, with all the premium features for free, including no ads, unlimited analytics, and electronic signatures. Now convert your images to Excel, type electronic signatures, and scan text from books, this premium APK allows you to do everything without going to an internet cafe.

Scan quality is increasingly optimized:

CamScanner APK Cracked offers users the best document scanning experience. Applications known to improve QoS are improving and updating. Using state-of-the-art technology and smart processor automation, this application scans text and graphics into documents clearly and clearly with the best color and resolution. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the scan quality is always the truest and brightest. As an advanced member, the application processor recognizes text in document images and extracts text from images for later searching, editing, or sharing. Sharing information in PDF or JPEG files is not that strange nowadays. To meet these needs, the application has been changed to follow the flow of technology. Now you can easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format with your friends in various ways, such as posting them on social media, sending attachments, or download links via email.

With the CamScanner Pro APK, you can:

  • Extract text from images
  • Create high-quality PDFs from images
  • Share scanned documents with others
  • Download your pdf file to your desktop using a web application
  • Access your scanned document from anywhere
  • Scan all important documents
  • Enjoy a free and unlimited scan

CamScanner APK v5.23.0 Overview:

  • Published by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
  • Version: 5.23.0
  • Category: Tools
  • Size: 63MB
  • Name: CamScanner Pro APK
  • Available on: Google Play

CamScanner APK Cracked Features:

  • Use your phone’s camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, and more.
  • Intelligent cropping and automatic enhancement make text and graphics crisp and clear
  • When you enter a keyword, you will see a list of documents with the word in their titles, notes or images (for registrants only)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts text on a single page for editing or
  • Sharing PDF / JPEG files
  • Easily share PDF or JPEG documents with others via social media, attachments by email or by sending the document link
  • Print documents instantly on CamScanner with a nearby printer; Fax documents directly to over 30 countries directly from the app
  • Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your analyzes in a group.
  • Personalized annotations or watermarks are available on documents
  • Set the access code to view important documents; In the meantime, by sending a link to the document, you can set a password to protect it
  • Connect to synchronize your documents wherever you are. Simply access any smartphone, tablet, or computer (visit you have and you can view, edit, and share any document. (Registered only)

CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android

CamScanner Premium Mod Benefits:

  • Edit the OCR results and notes for the entire document, exporting them as a .txt file
  • Create a document collage for multiple pages
  • Add a 10G cloud space
  • Add 40 additional collaborators
  • Send the link to the document with password protection and expiration date
  • Automatic upload of documents to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive
  • Download batch PDF files in the web application (
  • All the advantages enjoyed by registrants
  • Everything that the paid application offers

How to install the CamScanner MOD version On Android?

  • To successfully install the Premium version, you need to download the following two files (including an APK file and a license file).
  • Install the two files.
  • Open one of the two Camscanner icons.
  • If you see the message to properly unlock all features, you can hide the icon of any version and use it as usual.

CamScanner Pro APK v5.23.0 Cracked + Premium Unlocked For Android Download Link Below.

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